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Confucius is said to have likened the hardness, purity, constancy and beauty of Jade to the virtues of his “Superior Man.”


To the Chinese, jade is the link that connects heaven and earth. It is the bridge between man “as he is” and man “as he ought to be” and between “life” and “immortality”. For millennia, they have esteemed jade more than gold and diamonds, believing it symbolized perfection, immortality and magical power. Most important occasions in life such as births, marriages and business agreements are celebrated by giving a piece of jade. In Feng Shui it is displayed to create an abundance of wealth Chi.

            Jade is considered very lucky to wear symbolizing protection against illness and the strengthening of the physical constitution. Its magical powers are used to help women during childbirth, heal intestinal troubles, protect from lightning and heart ailments and even give victory in battle.

            There are two minerals that are known as jade: Nephrite carved for at least 5000 years and Jadeite carved since only about 1750, and now considered the more precious. Jade is extremely hard and durable which may account for the reverence in which it was held by neolithic people, who used it for agricultural instruments and weapons. Although various shades of green are the most known and valued, the mineral exists in many colors.


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