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Lucky Gifts for St. Valentine's Day

Although most of our good luck gifts may be appropriate as Valentine gifts, below is a special selection of good luck gifts to consider for your Valentine.  What better way to embrace your Valentine than to present one of the Romantic gifts from Good Luck Boutique? We encourage you to explore the traditions of luck which accompany these Valentine Gifts. Amber jewelry was treasured by ancient Greeks and Romans as a veritable fountain of youth. Since Medieval times, many have sought protection from the harmful gaze of "green" evil eyes, with blue evil eye amulets. The classic Celtic symbol of good luck, the four leaf clover, brings its bearer hope, faith, love and luck. We are dedicated to bringing you Romantic Gifts and Good Luck Gifts for Valentine Gifts of the highest quality as we continue our search for attractive jewelry and keepsakes with a tradition of good luck.

Amber Jewelry for Romantic GiftsAmber Heart    Amber JewelryFaceted Round Amber Necklace

Evil Eye Heart for Valentine GiftsEvil Eye Heart       Lucky Charm Bracelet for Valentine GiftFrench Lucky Charm Bracelet

Lucky Year Penny for good luck giftsLucky Year Penny    Amber JewelryAmber Dice

Four Leaf Clover Bracelet with Ladybug and Love Charm

Ladybug Pendant for Valentine GiftEnamel Ladybug Pendant    Amber JewelryLadybug Jewelry

Four Leaf Clover Pin 24k gold-platedFour Leaf Clover Jewelry    Four Leaf Clover PendantFour Leaf Clover Pendant

Amber JewelryAmber Nugget Necklace    Amber JewelryAmber Nugget Bracelet

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