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Electronic Gift Cards

Good Luck Ecards From 123Greetings.com Innovative electronic gift cards available without charge.

Cultural Superstition

The Evil Eye "Nazar Boncugu" - This documentary site tells the colorful story of the evil eye bead and the last glass masters of this great tradition of Anatolia.

Greek Superstitions - List of common Greek Superstitions and their meanings.

Cornish Superstitions - Index of Cornish Superstitions on Gandolf.com.

Filipino Superstitions - Filipinos have many superstitions, such as beliefs pertaining to weather, food, and people among other things.

Judaica Direct - Wherever you are, we are bringing the Holy Land into your home.

Japanese Superstitions - Superstitions found in Japan: good days/bad days, lucky numbers and rituals.

Japanese Amulets - Japanese charms, amulets and talismans, collectively known as "omamori."

Irish Superstitions - Commonly known Irish Superstitions.

Superstitions from Europe - List of superstitions and age old beliefs mainly from England and Germany.

Feng Shui and Yoga Related

Feng-Shui Resources -  Feng-shui related news, books and web resources. 

Feng Shui and Yoga - Feng Shui consultations and yoga articles.

Fast Feng Shui - books and products, unique gifts, feng shui consultations and services, plus free information to help you transform your life and enhance your home.

Sports Related

Golf Superstitions - Common golf superstitions related to clothing, weather and animals.

Auto Racing Superstitions- Racing superstitions and good luck rituals.

Sports Superstitions - Superstitions used in baseball, basketball, bowling, tennis and a few other sports.

Sports Superstitions Psychology - Why are superstitions so prevalent in sports?

Baseball Superstition - "The Psychology of a Streak" talks about the infamous "Sports Illustrated" curse, and some extreme examples of superstition in Baseball.


Inspirational Quotes 4 U -  Change your thoughts, change your life! Inspirational quotes to inspire and motive you.

Charm Bracelet History - Interesting piece on the history of charm bracelets and their meanings in Europe and America.

Lucky Charms & Amulet Archive - folkloric resource that contains hundreds pages describing and illustrating amulets, talismans, lucky charms, and good luck pieces from around the world and all eras.

Celtic and Irish Jewelry
Irish and Celtic inspired jewelry featuring both traditional and contemporary designs in .925 Sterling Silver.

"Pick" a 4-leaf Clover - Keep your luck and pass it on with an electronic 4-leaf clover!

Free Lucky Cards - Send a free good luck occasion e-card.

Theatrical Saints and Superstitions - Given the number of things that can go wrong.... theatre folk often are a superstitious lot.

Dreams and Meanings Directory - Online directory for dreams and their meanings.

Childbirth Superstitions - List of web sites with superstitions and old wives tales  related to pregnancy, childbirth and babyhood. 

Lady Bug Crafts and Activities - Meet the beetle that gardeners welcome and kids adore at Family Fun.

Contact Lenses - Lens.com offers a huge online inventory of brand name contact lenses with reasonable prices.

Superstition and Legend Resources

Encyclopedia Mythica - Encyclopedia on Mythology, Folklore and Legend. Very comprehensive resource!

Animal Superstitions A-Z - Every kind of animal related superstition.

Legends and Superstitions - List of some legend and superstition related sites.

Complete Superstition Archive - Another wealth of information on superstitions listed by theme, subject, category or outcome.

Silly Superstitions? - What is the source of some well-known superstitions.

Superstition & Old Wives Tales A-Z - Complete listing of superstitions from "Acorn" to "Yarn."

Wedding and Gift Related

Wedding Superstitions - Common superstitions listed by topic.

Buy Diamond Earrings - Feature the latest diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and diamond jewelry.

E-Diamond Earrings - Online guide to diamond earrings and diamond jewelry.

Irish Elegance - Waterford Crystal, Belleek, Royal Tara and Donegal China. Irish made jewelry including the Claddagh range and beautiful wedding bands.

Woody2Shoes - Authentic Dutch footwear and you can order your pair of award winning Dutch wooden shoes at wholesale prices.

D & B Photo Albums - Solid hardwood photo albums, glass flutes and picture frames.

Personalized Gifts Of Poetry - Toasts, name poems, lullabies,
card verse, and limericks.

Jewelry Directory -  Comprehensive resources.

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