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Amber has had over the centuries a very important place in culture and art. To quote the Odyssey of Homer, "A man came to our house with a golden necklace intertwined with amber. All the girls and respectable mothers held it and touched it, unable to take their eyes off it, and tried to bargain for a good price." moreover, Stone Age sun worshippers, early Greeks and Romans valued amber not only for its beauty, but also believed that wearing a piece of amber brought good luck and kept one healthy and young while protecting against illness and curing colds. In addition to its intrinsic lucky value, it is often used to fashion objects of jewelry such as scarabs, ladybugs and dragonflies that bring the owner another powerful lucky influence. 

Of the various sources of amber, the Baltic Amber we sell is certified authentic by the Amber Association of Poland and it is known for its exceptional beauty and variety. This precious gem is fossilized resin or sap from extinct prehistoric coniferous pine trees living 40-60 million years ago at the Baltic Sea. This lightest of organic gems sometimes has inclusions of entrapped small animals and fragment of plants. The varied specimens can be opaque, transparent or translucent and come in a variety of colors including yellow, red, brown and greenish-blue. Contemporary fashion has increasingly highlighted amber as one of the most valued semi-precious adornments.

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