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Have you ever wished for the protection of a Guardian Angel that was good, generous and strong? Have you ever longed for a being to give you hope when you were feeling weak, vulnerable and confused? If so, you are not alone. The belief in angels has a rich spiritual background that has been shared by many cultures and religions.

The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word angelos, and is the equivalent of the Hebrew word meaning "messenger". It was in the Old Testament that angels first appeared as messengers of truth coming from God. Angelology and demonology became more highly developed after the period of the Babylonian exile (6th-5th centuries BC) when contacts were made with the Persian religion, Zoroastrianism. In the Old Testament, Yahweh (Jehovah) is known as the Lord of hosts; these hosts are the heavenly army that fights against the forces of evil and performs various missions, such as guarding the entrance to Paradise, punishing evildoers, protecting the faithful and revealing God's word to man. Four archangels are named: Michael, the warrior leader, Gabriel, the heavenly messenger, Raphael, God's healer and helper and Uriel, the watcher over the world and the lowest part of Hell. There are also numerous unnamed archangels, cherubim and seraphim. Christianity, influenced by the angelology of Jewish sects, further developed beliefs in angels and demons. To protect themselves from the powers of the demons and unclean spirits Jews as with Christians later often carried amulets calling forth the powers of the angels and archangels. In this era of science, many of us have discovered that we have a greater kinship than is generally realized with previous cultures in our attempt to gain a rapport with the transcendent, social and psychological realms of everyday life.

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