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2" Round Evil Eye Amulet

Evil Eye Jewelry: Bracelet 

Evil Eye Jewelry:  Choker
The Evil Eye has been one of the most potent superstitions throughout ancient and medieval cultures, and is very much alive today. During the historical witch-hunting period, hundreds of women were burned for no reason other than an accusation that they had cast Evil Eyes at them. In many cultures, even today, the envious gaze of a stranger is believed to bring all sorts of misfortune to the innocent, particularly children. Many rituals have been developed to protect against Evil Eyes. In Mediterranean countries, amulets have often been used to ward off the Evil Eye, and even today the blue eye glass bead amulet is seen everywhere. Unlike other sources of good-luck, where good fortune resides in the possession of the object itself, the power of the Evil Eye Amulet resides in its capacity to ward off the misfortune cast by the Evil Eye.

All our "Evil Eye" amulets are hand-made in Turkey.

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