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Brass Door Knocker Horseshoe Crystal Necklace  

"Good Luck" horseshoe paperweight


Many streams of superstition and belief have converged on the almost universal acceptance of the horseshoe as lucky. When iron was discovered, it was believed to be from heaven, to possess strong healing powers and to protect against witches and devils. An iron amulet nailed to the house protected from witches. Then there is the fact that since earliest times, man has believed that the crescent or U-shape was a powerful protective sign. Moreover, horseshoes are nailed with seven iron nails, and seven is probably the most important number in the world of superstition. The belief in the protective power of the horseshoe itself dates back to the Greeks and Romans. Today, the most common belief is that a genuine horseshoe should be nailed firmly, prongs up, over the door of your home; then, if the Devil gets too close, he will be sucked in and destroyed. Horseshoe amulets are also believed to be lucky and protective.

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