Lucky Turtle Charms


Amber Turtle Pendant  Pewter Turtle Key Ring

 Hand Carved Jade Turtle  

Turtle Pin Lucky Liquid Memo-holders

Dating back to ancient times, turtles and tortoises were thought to bring good health, longevity, and protection from evil. American beliefs resemble those of ancient times. The long survival of the turtles in the animal kingdom, having remained the same for millions of years gives rise to the belief in supernatural powers. Moreover, individual specimens of these hard shelled creatures are long-lived, can go without food for almost a year and rarely if ever die of disease. Chinese culture considers the turtle a divine animal. While the turtle may be slow, its steady determined gait, slow breathing, composure and lack of aggression gives it a placid character that Chinese compare to hermit sages. The divine turtle, “peacefully living a hermit-like existence for thousands of years in a spring’s waters” has much the character of an immortal Taoist who has removed himself from the troubles of the world. Teachers of qi gong breathing techniques always advise their students to become like turtles. An ancient Chinese birthday wish is: “May the turtle and crane extend your life.”

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